The inescapable fashion accessory of the year!

tumblr_mew3i8SvHE1r2a14qo1_1280The new fashionable accessory for your hair Ladies is the scarf! You can not have missed it! No way to walk in the street without bump into a woman wearing it. Little lesson of history: Originally worn in Africa, African women used the scarf to protect their hair against bad weather or against the “evil spirits” (local believes). Indeed in the african cultures, the head was considered as the front door of the bad spells. Besides protecting women, the scarf was a very esthetic accessory, worn for special occasions like weddings. It was here to sublimate the wonderful bearing of the black women.

tumblr_mm1z0wTWzX1rf770so1_1280 The scarves can be made by different types of fabrics, such as wax, silk and many other materials. You can attach the scarf in knot or in spiral spring. You don’t have to be a black woman to wear it; it suits everybody even babies!

SONY DSCAnd what is very nice with this trend is that it suits all the hair types. Smooth hair, short and curly hair, long and curly hair or frizzy hair, do not worry, you can all wear the scarf.So if you did not try it yet, try it from today!


Africa conquers the American fashion industry…

tumblr_ml29demPs71rbqpjlo1_1280A new type of fabric has conquered the Americain fashion industry:the Wax. “WAX” is the name given to the African colorful cloth, made of cotton and by superior quality. This fabric comes from Indenosia. It was introduced in Africa during the XIXth century, when the Dutch people came to take Ghanaians to help them to fight the Indonesians. When those Ghanaians came back home they brought the Wax as a present. Since then the Wax became famous in the African society. It demonstrated a certain social recognition and those who wore a Wax were part of high society. At this time the Wax had the same value as the gold.

tumblr_mkmoge9BJN1qd1yv1o1_r1_1280Nowadays the ethnicity is trend and the wax rhymes with fashion. In short time it becamethe podiums’ star. The brand burberry dedicated its spring-summer 2012 collection to the Wax, creating elegant and contempary outfits. However the other brands such as Boxing Kitten or Adama Paris made of it, the flagship product of their creations.

tumblr_m53wxjvPiM1r2a14qo1_1280Little brands like Forever 21 or Etam, also put themselves in it and it works. But the use of this fabric is no more limited to clothing, accessories are also touched(shoes, jewel, handbags).

564723_379460092084542_611087949_nFurthermore stars such as Rihanna, Beyonce or still Solange Knowles adopted this trend. A Black Fashion Week is now on every year all over the world, in July. We had one recently in Paris from the 4th to 6th of October.  Thus the Wax tornado won’t stop yet.